The truth is, I often feel fear in my stable life.

                                                   Fear of love, fear of loss.

                                                   But fear allows me to embrace instability.

                                                   Until I am trapped and flooded in this endless loop.

Every minute we exist in this world, we are thinking. I see my every thought as a transient meditation. There is a fictional sense of space during the meditations, which temporarily disengages me from reality and immerses me in the universe of emotions. It also changes the way I look at things and makes me rethink my perception of reality. Or rather, I can say I enjoy the feeling of being unable to distinguish reality from the ideal, and indulging in such fictional things.

This is a project in which I experimented with materials using close up photography and shallow depth of field to create a fictional space, which fulfilled my fantasies. The delicacy and translucent quality of the paper highlights the importance of materials, and allows me to immerse in a state of feeling and thinking.


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