A Song for Her

No one can imagine,

a hedgehog,

covered by spines,

bravery and ambition filling its eyes,

but at night,

there is only fear left.

No one can imagine,

every night,

she cries, she roars,

silently and exhausted.

No one can imagine,

this solitary soul,

sitting atop the hill,

splintering and falling with gravel.

She is pious,

she is hopeful,

but no one tells her that.

She is like an overripe plum.

She will be forgotten,

she will be thrown away.

She begs

someone to pull her out of the sorrow.

She begs

someone to pull her out of this endless night.

This project based on my thoughts and internal dialogues regarding the relationship between my family and me. I

 believe there is an elusive, abstract space that defines our psyche and exist inside everyone. It is hard to describe

 this space, so I define it as a black box. This body of work visualizes my inner dialogue and is full of subtleties both

 sensitive and fragile. In this enclosed space, engaging in ambiguous and incomprehensible darkness, I explore a 

universal topic and peer into my heart while revisiting these personal emotions. 


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